Animated Logo: FleXpo!


Welcome to the inaugural FleXpo trade show!
We’re Tantrum’s FleX Development Team.
Click here for your induction.
FleXpo is innovative. FleXpo is influential. FleXpo is in your ears.
After months of gruelling psychometric analysis on volunteer test subjects (i.e., ourselves), we’ve pushed the boundaries of audio engineering to invent a suite of products, bringing you the experiences you’ve been missing most. Whatever you’re yearning for during this period of isolation and restriction, you’ll find it at FleXpo*. From the depths, we have delivered… like a Deliveroo bike rider in the dead of night.
*Our lawyers would like to tell you that this is more of a poetic, less literal statement.
The safest place for us to showcase our products and for you to try them for the very first time is the Virtual Tantrum Exhibition Centre (VTEC), which is identical to our physical site in Newcastle. Using your trusty mouse, explore the map below to discover what we’ve invented. It may not be a COVID-19 vaccine but it’s our gift to you, nevertheless.
If you require a Tantrum Tour Guide, we suggest the following order: Sound Bites, Petrichor, COVID-Safe Hugs. But feel free to choose your own adventure and please leave your feedback in the comments below.
*** UPDATE: Our friends at the AANMA Lab have now released their findings on Art About Not Making Art. Check it out below. ***

Online Now: RW Team, Sparkle Motion, Matthew’s Minions, Megs Yellow Party, Sleep Deprived Duo, Foster Coffee, Ottoman, The O’Dons, Al the Ex, Mears Family are all (M)ears., Proud Grandma, Hills, Dr Mishka & Mrs Mimos Moops (+ more).


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